What Clients Say about Yael

I work with a variety of clients

From an architect to graphic designers, a raw food educator, personal trainers, as well as an owner of a furniture hire company, healthcare programme manager and even other coaches and consultants

Read what a few of clients have to say about working with me:

“I stumbled across working with Yael and am so glad that I did. I had a great product and a business that was doing well but I was somewhat lost in direction and lacked structure and knowledge in key areas. Yael took time to understand what my challenges were and ensured she had a full view of me as a whole rather than just the business.
She has helped me tackle my time management challenges by devising specific solutions that work for me, she has enabled me to review my pricing structure helping me to understand my worth and value which has bought in a noticeable increase in turnover. She has great experience in marketing and social media and has given me a valuable training and advice to help me develop in this area.
If you want to work with a coach who inspires you and breathes life in to you and your business then she is the woman for you. She has been a blessed presence that has positively touched many areas of my life. I relish working with her and highly recommend you see what she can do for you. “

Rachel Smith, founder of Ta Dah Furniture hire, UK

“Yael has been instrumental in helping me find my voice, craft my image, and believe in my worth. Prior to working with Yael I felt like I was spinning in so many directions with little confidence in the value of what I was doing. Even though I had many pieces to my business that were successful, I had no idea how to brand it or make it into a profitable business. Yael has an eye for seeing the brand and the vision. She has helped me to see myself as the Meditation Queen and own the value in the service I provide. I am very lucky to consider Yael a friend as well because she has been there for me every step of the way, going above and beyond for me many times. She has seen greatness in me and has helped me to pull it out. Her confidence is contagious and I’m so very thankful that she is out there sharing her gifts and inspiring so many others.”

Madeline Rinehart, Meditation Specialist, Ohio, USA

“Before I started working with Yael, I was stuck in a poverty mindset, struggling to focus and find direction and didn’t know what my calling was.

While I worked with Yael, she helped me recognize my unique skills and purpose through building my self-belief and busting through my imposter syndrome.

As a result of my work with Yael, my life is now driven with new purpose. I am embracing my gifts and working towards an amazing new career that I hadn’t imagined before. I get paid more than I ever thought possible, and for work I truly enjoy! I recommend working with Yael because she truly believes in your power – even if you don’t just yet.

She’s a heaven sent Angel.”

Paula Williams, Image and Dating Consultant for Men, London

“Before I started working with Yael, I had been wanting to offer coaching but not felt ready for it. I’d taken part in a year long group coaching program online but not taken the action to put myself out there as a branding and business coach just yet.
While I worked with Yael, she helped me take action and start offering coaching packages through our weekly Skype calls by holding me accountable. We brainstormed ideas for my coaching packages, price points and because I knew I had my call each week I took massive action!
As a result of my work with Yael, I put my coaching offers out there. I took the action that I’d been thinking about doing for months, started putting together my ideas for my coaching brand and completed the course material that I’d never got to. Without Yael there to push me in the direction of getting it done I might not have taken the leap to actually be a coach! I now work with a number of high-end coaching clients who are all on 3 or 6 month packages and I hosted my first one-day intensive at a luxury hotel in Camps Bay in Cape Town.
I spoke extensively with Yael about how to manage a team and whether to take on more support. I knew that Yael had a lot of experience managing teams in her events companies. She helped me to set up weekly check-in meetings with the ladies who work for me, as they work from home. I know have better communication, a new team member and more time to work on my business instead of in my business all the time.
I recommend working with Yael because she will hold you accountable, help you see when you are having self-doubt issues and limiting beliefs and work through those.”

ChanelleSegerius-Bruce, Branding & Business Coach, South Africa

“Before I started working with Yael, my business story looked like this; I was struggling with how to expand my business and how to make it (and myself) more visible via social media. I didn’t have a company logo or website and really didn’t know how to go about creating one. I didn’t have a firm vision of what I wanted for my business in the future and I was undervaluing my business and myself! In short, I was stuck in a rut, not earning as much as I could, not making the right contacts and I was too timid to take control of my company and my business life. Very few people knew that my company existed so I simply wasn’t making any progress. I knew that I also wanted to write but, again, I didn’t know where to start or how to go about getting my articles published.

While I worked with Yael, she helped me evaluate where I currently was with my business, what my vision was, what I wanted to earn and how I wanted my business to expand. She helped me develop a logo and build an amazing website plus gave me the growing confidence to be more “public” and visible via social media and to do some writing. Yael did this initially through a welcome pack with some detailed questions that made me think about where I currently stood and where I wanted to be; we had weekly phone calls focusing on particular areas of my work – from my business brand through to giving me techniques on building my confidence. Yael also has some fantastic business contacts and I was quickly able to produce a wonderful logo and website that simply wouldn’t have been possible without her.

As a result of my work with Yael, my business story now looks like this; my company is now far more visible on a daily basis on Twitter and LinkedIn – good quality people contact ME! I have written an article which has been published and praised online and I have a good presence on Twitter with the result that well respected journalists retweet me (twice this week!) , I have been asked to meet the MD of a major marketing company that specialises in healthcare communications and education and been asked to take part in a bid for a major piece of healthcare improvement work in England. I have raised my prices and they have been accepted. Finally, I know that I can take my extensive experience in my chosen industry and use this to help others so, thanks to Yael, I am now moving into business coaching to help those who wish to make the transition to a new career move. NONE of this would have happened without Yael. For all of this to happen in such a short space of time is just incredible and I would never have believed it had I not experienced it myself.

I recommend working with Yael because she is genuinely interested in people, she has “walked in your shoes” and therefore really understands what it’s like to struggle with a growing business and how to make it innovative, successful and sought after. She has some amazing ideas, a wealth of business knowledge and the energy and drive to make you hungry for success. She also holds you accountable for doing your homework and making sure you really think about what you want for your future! I will be working with Yael again later this year as my business grows further and I simply cannot wait!”

Jan Lawry, Healthcare Programme Manager, UK

Ready To Find Out If This Is Your Time?

Ready To Find Out If This Is Your Time?

You will be able to speak with me directly and ask any questions about the coaching and working with me on your business. We’ll explore where you are with your business, how I can help, and if I am the right coach for you.