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You have greatness inside you

I truly believe that everything is possible. I witnessed miracles in my own life and I know for a fact that you can design a life you love and create the business of your dreams. You have greatness inside you.
“Can a girl from a small village achieve really big things?”

I grew most of my life in a small place, tacked away in the Israeli countryside and far from any big city. But having travelled the world with my parents as a young child, I knew there was more to life. I always had a voice inside me saying ‘There’s a big world out there. I can have, be and do so much more than this’.

Moving to London in November 2000 and building an amazing business from scratch was a big deal for that little girl… But at the end of 2013, I was at a crossroads with my business. I was working every hour under the sun, leaving little quality time with my family or time for myself. I was exhausted. I remember thinking “Does it have to be this hard”?

“Your money is in your passion”

I started exploring new ideas and seeking advice from any mentor who would give me some free time. I felt a calling to make an impact in the world but I didn’t know how. I kept asking “How can I serve greatly”? Eventually the answers started coming. I signed up with a beautiful coach, who believed in me and gave me the confidence, as well as the tools I needed, to make a change.
“How can I serve greatly?”

I remembered my long lost passion, to inspire and empower other women. Having built my business around my 5 kids, I wanted to show others that there are no limits. Combined with my experience of 20 years in business, the transition to become an Online & Business Confidence Coach was an easy one.
“Yael has helped me understand my worth and value which has bought in a noticeable increase in turnover. Yael was amazing in helping me restructure my business so that it can work even while I’m away on holiday. I had to be off lately for quite a few months and the stream of clients keeps flowing from the work we did together.”
Rachel Smith

Founder, Ta Dah Furniture Hire, UK

“Will my business ever take off?”

I don’t know if you ever ask yourself this question. I used to ask myself this quite often. I was doing well but I wanted to do excellently. My answer was – no. Without the right support and direction, chances are I would still be stuck in the same frustrating place. It could be the same for you. If your best thinking got you here – how do you think things will ever change?
“What do I know about growing a tribe”

Having online & business confidence is so much more than knowing what to post on Facebook. Having grown brands like The Chocolate Festival (I founded it in 2009, it was the first ever event of its kind in London) to a loyal following of over 25,000 people, I know what it takes to grow a tribe. I know how to create a loyal following online, and turn that loyalty into sales.
“Is this Your Time?”

Napoleon Hill said “the time will never be just right”. And the truth is it won’t. You might think you don’t have the time or you don’t have the money to make it happen. Or you might be wishing ‘maybe, one day’…

This is what I know for sure:

“Nothing can stand in the way of a woman who decides to go after her desires.”

Is this YOUR time to achieve the life and business you dream of? I truly hope your heart will say yes.

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“As a result of my work with Yael, my life is now driven with new purpose. I am embracing my gifts and working towards an amazing new career that I hadn’t imagined before. I get paid more than I ever thought possible for work I truly enjoy! I recommend working with Yael because she truly believes in your power – even if you don’t just yet.”
Paula Williams

Image and Dating Consultant for Men, London